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Matt AI

You will be losing sleep over this? Here is the power of our system? I can't sleep thinking about it. Lets think outside the box a little bit. Follow along if you are interested in ways to help families, organizations, sports teams, and charities.

Each entity can create a fund. For example a church group can create a fund for their congregation. Members can donate into the fund and have it grow. Lets use 10% per month as the standard unit of measure which we all know is on the low end.

A $10,000 investment fund grows to:

From $10,000 to $31,384 in one year!!! And this we all know is on the low end of 10% a month. Equivalently:

The Power of Compounding Profits Overtime

A men’s or women’s sports team can pay for their yearly team fees and never have to collect from their team members again. 
-church groups can organize retreats, or special events
-charities can grow exponentially 
-investment firms can offer a new investment product for their clients. 
The list goes on and on! These are just some ideas. This is not just something that we all can live comfortably with. This is something that we can truly help society with. 
Think about it, what’s the risk? We lose everything if the crypto world comes crashing down. We all know this is not going to happen. 
Our bot works, the profits are real and they are safe! And don’t forget, all these calculations are done at 10% growth per month!!!

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